Thursday, June 21, 2012

Homophobic in Montreal?

Bill Muehlenberg notes a new Canadian initiative where Montreal Police have created a registry of "homophobic" incidents. This seems like a disturbing development, and these paragraphs from the Montreal Gazette caught my attention:
“We will refer people (who fill out the registry’s forms) to existing resources, like youth protection officials, the human rights commission and the police,” he said. “We do not plan to intervene directly.” ...
“Not all hurtful things that are said are illegal,” Gagnon said. “Some things may just be part of a person’s freedom of speech. But this registry will help (police) understand what is going on province-wide.”
It's interesting how quickly homosexuality moved from being regarded as deviant to culturally mainstream. However what I don't understand is, if resources are being allocated in this way, what is it about 'homophobia', that makes it worse than other forms discrimination occurring in Montreal? Furthermore the label of 'homophobia' is ideological, presupposing homosexuality as legitimate, and presupposing anything opposed to it as bad enough to warrant some sort of legal sanction.