Wednesday, December 3, 2008

spanking the pony*

I need to ride my hobby horse into the rodeo ring for a few rounds: the Sufficiency of Scripture. Evangelicals have fought for inerranacy for a long period. Even the mighty Driscoll says "Inerrancy is a watershed issue." (Hansen, Young, Reformed, Restless: 139.) However I think sufficiency has been over-looked while everyone concentrated on inerrancy. Let me lay out the salient advantages of this doctrine and respond to a few criticisms. In the following posts over the next few days I'll explain the doctrine under these four headings; the Idea, the Support, the Dangers and the Criticism.

*this expression belongs to a friend of mine who deploys it whenever we get onto our pet topics at Ridley. (I hope 'Safe Eyes' approves.)

If you'd rather hear a talk about the Sufficiency of Scripture this English preacher does a great job of explaining what I've been posting about. [14 December, 2008]