I started writing this blog while studying at Ridley College in 2008, and continued intermittently ever since. If you go back chronologically through the posts you can see how my thinking has changed over time. My primary purpose is to think out-loud about theology, philosophy and culture. Sometimes I'll react to a current event and at other times I'll explore an obscure idea. 

Editorial Policy 

Theologically I'm a Calvinist, with this half hour video by Paul VanderKlay providing an excellent summary or what it means and why its good. Philosophically I'm a blend of the best bits of modernism and post-modernity. Politically I'm an inconsistent conservative, for example I'm a fan of comprehensive social welfare but also fan of individual freedom. 

Financial Support

You're welcome to make a small donation to the church where I'm a pastor or donate a couple of dollars to me personaly towards the running costs of my Blog and YouTube channel.  


Critical feedback can be painful but people's unsolicited comments are a helpful way to think more coherently and communicate more clearly. Tweet or DM at me on Twitter via @lukeisham or leave a comment on YouTube.

- Groundhog Day 2022