Thursday, January 15, 2009

Driscoll's manifesto

Confessions of A Reformission Rev by Mark Driscoll

What I disagree with:
Driscoll is a self-confessed work-a-holic and this something I sometimes struggle with personally and so I didn't find his mild condemnation of it overly helpful. He also structures the book around the numerical growth of his church. Mega-churches and small churches he says are the way of the future and so he is unashamably for the idea of creating large culturally engaging and theologically conservative churches. I can see the sense in having mega-churches to provide resources for smaller churches but disagreed with the way he presented it as a model to emulate. I was also frustrated sometimes by his sport analogies. I like some sport in my own way but generally don't find hearing or reading about it very inspiring at all. On a purely stylistic note I wasn't always impressed by the diagrams and layout of the book, it's not bad but could have been done better.

What I agree with:
I really enjoyed being inspired by the way Driscoll forged ahead in the face of various types of opposition. Driscoll's summary of a church is great; "it hates sin, loves Jesus, serves people, obeys Scripture and sees transformed lives." (Confessions, 31) Driscoll's advice for parsons wanting to grow their churches is to; shoot the dogs, preach Jesus and be strategic. He was also passionate about church discipline, an extraordinarily controversial topic in almost any denomination! In the Anglican church it's generally one minister wearing the many hats of pastor, teacher, administrator and chaplain. Driscoll seems healthy in being self-aware of his gifts and weaknesses and trying to play to his strengths, probably something worth taking note of. He also recommends putting energy into people who share a similar vision for church and not wasting time trying to please everyone, a tendency I sometimes have. Finally Driscoll was upfront about money but not Christian tele-evangelist either though. 

[photo = Mark Driscoll]