Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How historical is the Old Testament?

This year I'll be taking the Pentateuch (in English) with Lindsay Wilson (OT professor at Ridley) as an evening class. I'm really excited about focusing on the Pentateuch but I'm going to be alert for several themes and observe what Lindsay does with them.

Historicity: Chapters 1 to 11, Abraham and co, the Exodus and following.
Primogeniture: This is the idea that priority is given to the older stuff in Judaic theology. Some say that this is a rabbinic invention, I'm not so sure, I think the opening chapters of Genesis establish certain key themes and begin several story lines that are continued throughout Scripture.
Interpreting Old Testament Law: Do we look for the principle or follow some hermeneutical redemptive movement?

I'll keep you all posted!

[picture= Rembrandt's Moses mit den Gesetzestafeln]