Friday, March 27, 2009

Church Planters Co-op Breakfeast

This morning I, along with several dozen others, had breakfast together and listened to Guy Mason from Docklands Anglican Church, give some feedback from his trip with Mikey recently to Seattle, to be involved in a big church-planters conference, hosted by that famous Calvinist Mark Driscoll. Murray from Mentone Baptist has blogged his initial thoughts about the breakfast here. (Nick had previously offered three good suggestions for what the network should do.)

My general impressions:
  • I think a network that connects the 'workers' with the 'harvest,' is great.
  • Seeing a variety of people from a variety of ministries was encouraging.
  • I wonder what the core values will be but I trust the power-brokers not to compromise for the sake of being pragmatic because one of the Driscoll's strengths is not comprising and still getting results.
  • Mentone Murray mentioned "Driscoll:" Some hate him, others love him, a few are over him but I think he's a human, God is using at the moment for His glory.
  • What is the role in the new Australian network for people who have other skills apart from "raw" church planting?
  • It was very exciting to be a part of something, I still have to do the hard work of ministry but to know I'm not alone and part of something is a great feeling.
Some specific suggestions, comments and questions:
  1. Suggestions for a new name: Australian Church Planters Co-op or Australian Kingdom (AK29)
  2. Somone should assemble all the connections, churches and colleges into one electronic location so we can see whose involved where.
  3. I want "Core Values" I can read, trust and then not worry about.
  4. Inviting Driscoll to Melbourne in December is a good idea.
  5. How will his visit and the launch of the new network be connected?
  6. My dream is to grow a church near a university, how can the new network help me do that?