Monday, April 27, 2009

Wasted ideas

I have a small revelation to make, despite being theologically conservative, I voted for Kevin Rudd. (Well, I didn't actually vote for Kevin Rudd, I voted for my local federal Labour member.) We needed a change in government, it's good for them for this to happen occasionally, and despite a few issues such as abortion, a fresh change would have probably done everyone good. Now I think Chairman Rudd has done a reasonable job for a politician and I liked the idea of the 2020 Summit. However I now have an axe to grind with Kevin. Look at this list of wasted ideas! This is what good government is about, this is why God gives authority to leaders. Some of the ideas were best left on the shelf but why waste some of the following ideas?

  • An opt-out system for organ donation.
  • A levy on Hollywood blockbusters to help fund Aussie films.
  • A regular report on what's happening in the US alliance.
  • The compulsory teaching of a second language.
  • Providing incentives for people to work in rural and regional Australia by supporting relocation from areas of few jobs to areas where there are labour shortages.
  • Community corps: allow community service to reduce a person’s HELP debt.
  • "Extend HELP: extend the Higher Education Loan Programs to all students in post-secondary education." (2020 Final Report)
  • "Learning for life account: Develop lifetime participation accounts for every Australian into which the government and others can make payments for education, training, parental leave, and superannuation contributions." (2020 Final Report)