Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tim Challies is the 'official blogger' of an American conference featuring John Piper who is talking about Justification. This post by Challies prompted me to think that the following seven questions go to the heart of the controversy surrounding the doctrine of Justification, what do my readers think? (I'm looking to delineate the lines of the disagreement before commenting on the ultimate answer.) {Links are not an endorsement but short sharp posts to clarify the question.}

a) Systematic Theology vs Exegesis, a false dichotomy or real tension? {Mike Ovey}
b) Tradition vs Scripture or Scripture through tradition?

The Seven Questions:
  1. How is the “righteousness of God” defined? {Scot McKnight}
  2. Is righteousness imputed (forensic) or imparted (ontological), or both? {Doug Wilson}
  3. What place is there in Justification for the obedience of Jesus? {Justin Taylor}
  4. Is faith distinct from the fruits or evidence of faith?
  5. Is the final judgement one of salvation or works? {Denny Burk}
  6. How important is the doctrine of soteriology in the grand scheme of things?
  7. Now is this faith; "faith in" Christ or a reference to "Christ's faithfulness"? {Craig Blomberg}
[pic = scale replica of the first temple, I thought I'd match the topic.]