Wednesday, August 26, 2009


1. This fellow is predicting a global food-energy-water apocalypse in 2030!

2. I had earlier posted about the future of Wikipedia saying "My prediction is that Wikipedia will move over the next few years, to a three tier system of anyone, editors and admins."

So it's fascinating to read this article from the New York Times about the limited introduction of editors at Wikipedia:
The new feature, called “flagged revisions,” will require that an experienced volunteer editor for Wikipedia sign off on any change made by the public before it can go live. Until the change is approved — or in Wikispeak, flagged — it will sit invisibly on Wikipedia’s servers, and visitors will be directed to the earlier version.

3. Will Briggs has written a good review of Brian McLaren's book a Generous Orthodoxy.

In summary this is how Will recommends we should approach the book:
"If you read him, read him as you might read a devotional or a "thought for the day" in a pewsheet. Intriguing, stimulating, usually imprecise."