Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I used to be worried about schismatic Christians, it was stressful to think about Christians being divided, starting new groups and arguing about theology. However I've realised the following:
  • Conflict as an activity or state isn't sin, however it may be used for sinful purposes or ends.
  • Everyone schisms, for example the secular communist movement has seen splits based on geography, nationality, personality, tactics and ideology.
  • Not all externally unified organisations are happy, for example the incredibly broad umbrella that is the Roman Catholic church isn't a shiny example of unity.
  • The Kingdom of God is 'now but not yet' breaking into this world but it'll always be incomplete which means the Church won't be perfect and unified until the end of history.
All this doesn't mean I don't think unity isn't a good thing to strive for but I no longer stress about schisms in the church. This quote from Spurgeon about people leaving his church to follow new ideas elsewhere was encouraging.

"This is the Lord's way of delivering those who keep his word: thus he shuts them away from the temptation that comes upon others. He seems to say, "Dear child, since you will not go beyond my written word, you shall not be tempted to go beyond it. I will cause the enemies of the truth to leave you alone. You shall be offensive to them, or they to you, and you shall soon part company."

(h/t Pyromaniacs)