Friday, August 20, 2010

DA Carson on NT Wright

Murray reports on Carson at Ridley College, according to Murray Carson had this to say about NT Wright and justification:

"Issue is, N.T Wright sees justification through an ecclesial lense and not through the justice of God. As the debate has developed over the last 30 years Wright’s theology has shifted. He takes note of criticism and footnotes them in his following works so as to make point that he does believe in PSA and that he does think of justification in justice terms. However he hasn’t changed his basic argument. Doug Moo says as Wright, ‘he foregrounds his backgrounds and backgrounds his foreground’.

Wright is not wrong in what he always says, but he misses so much – i.e wrath of God.. For Wright , the work of the cross is external, whereas  600 times in the OT alone God ‘s anger is mentioned. Wright has a christus victor theology. He doesn’t see the heart of the offence."

Parish land is a long way from the ivory towers of the Academy so I don't really know if Carson is right about the state of the New Perspective, but according to Murray he seems to be sounding its death knell.