Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 thoughts about the discussion about Universalism

After chatting with Alex offline today I think there are three issues that should shape the contours of our discussion about Universalism.
  1. All passages need to be explained and qualified. Sets of 'problem passages' exist for Universalism and traditional theology, both these and other apparently clear passages need explanation.  (I'm not saying Scripture is entirely unclear but that the work of putting things in context belongs to both camps.) 
  2. How much of the larger theological framework is changed by Universalism?  Although Universalism and traditional theology come in number of shades it's important to realize that the central premise of Universalism changes a number of other doctrines.  
  3. How mainstream is the Universalist interpretation? Through Church History has the Universalist position been a consistent minority, an infrequent fringe or always outside the traditional camp?