Thursday, September 9, 2010

7 things about the Koran burning

This incident tells us seven things:

  1. Christians living in Muslim countries will be put at risk. "The effect of the proposed action on Christians in Muslim-majority contexts is likely to be extremely serious." (Barnabas Fund)
  2. Saying you're a 'church' is only a part of being The Church. The role of church tradition and unity is overlooked by that group and the wider media-storm.
  3. Reading the Koran is probably a better strategy then burning it. (Mark Durie)
  4. "I told you so," isn't a good reason for burning the Koran. "The little brother is stupid to touch him, but the older brother is still wrong to punch him." (Kevin DeYoung)
  5. Having your holy books burnt doesn't justify violence. "...most people who will see pictures of a church burning Korans and ignore the fact that some Muslims may see this an excuse to kill." (Kevin DeYoung)
  6. Burning the Koran and publishing the Muhammad Cartoons belong to different categories and have different justifications. 
  7. More constructive and respectful strategies have been overlooked. "Christians would be better served spending the time praying for the conversion of their Muslim neighbours and reaching out to them with love and with God's true word," (Carl Trueman)
Update: Which appears to have been cancelled, possibly the best possible outcome.