Tuesday, September 7, 2010


There isn't a wide selection of TV shows chronicling the circumstances and themes of the post-apocalyptic world, so I was surprised and pleased to see Survivors, from the BBC.  It's set in the aftermath a particularly severe outbreak of the Flu. The production values aren't on par with other interesting British shows like say Ultraviolet, but reasonable enough to allow a dedicated enthusiast like myself to soldier through.  Most rewarding was watching group cohesion form and survive under varying pressures and see how the small group dealt with the changing world. Most frustrating was the idea that each episode needed some sort of mini-adventure. It was almost as though the producers thought, 'great setting but lets keep the kids keen by pumping this show through at a fast pace.'  I want to be steeped in the world while observing character development and only then indulging in some high intensity action.