Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kevin DeYoung's Inerrancy roundup

Great round up from Kevin DeYoung's Blog on the topic of Inerrancy:

  1. "Calvin never rejected the truthfulness of any Scriptural affirmation."
  2. Tim Keller sees no practical or pastoral difference between saying "inerrancy" and saying "the Bible is authoritative". 
  3. Contrary to the suggestion of some (that 'inerrancy is a modern invention') is the fact that the idea of inerrancy is as old as the church.
  4. Not having the original manuscripts isn't a problem for the doctrine of inerrancy.

It makes me think about the place of complexity.  We shouldn't confuse it with difficulty or mystery.  Nor should we confuse complexity of expression with complexity of content.  Furthermore context is important, something can be both complex and simple, historically unclear but now very explainable.  All this is to say that in future I want when someone questions inerrancy I want to ask what for them makes it complex, unclear or difficult for them?