Friday, October 8, 2010

Late Term Abortion Motion at Melbourne Synod

Thank-God for Barny Zwartz and Mark Durie.  Durie, upset by hearing reports of failed late-term abortions, where babies are been born alive and then killed, has put forward this motion (as reported in the Melbourne AGE) at the Melbourne Anglican Synod.  Pray that God will defeat cowardice, protect Mark and embolden the Synod to act in a counter-cultural manner.

"He [Mark Durie] calls on the state government to answer five questions about late-term abortions:
■ How many are happening, and how late?
■ What are the reasons for the abortions?
■ Are those born alive receiving medical care, or what is their cause of death?
■ What has been the effect on staff morale at the Royal Women's Hospital?
■ What has been the effect on staff recruitment?"