Friday, July 15, 2011


While conceptually it's sometimes good to talk about faith and repentance separately, it's generally more healthy to acknowledge that they occur together (Mark 1:15), that as you turn from something you put your trust in something else.  However today I'll focus on repentance. Unlike Glorification, which is a sequential stage, repentance is an ongoing through-theme in the Ordo Salutis.  From the moment we first respond to God's call and turn from our initial rebellious orientation we continue to turn from all of sin's manifestations in all the parts of our life. So for those who become Christians as adults it's an initial stage (2 Cor 7:10 or Heb 6:1) but for those who grow up as Christians and those who perserve as Christians it's an ongoing attitude, an ongoing activity.  Daily repentance is the motion of turning to face the flickering flame of the candle in a dark room (Acts 26:20 or Heb 6:6), instead of cherishing the darkness.