Tuesday, November 1, 2011


In a move that I believe is right but strange, I'm jumping denominational boats. In January 2012 I'll stop being an Anglican priest to become a Presbyterian preacher. In the midst of trying to figure out my next Anglican appointment I was approached by SOUL (Presbyterian) Church, a recent church plant of Cornerstone (the church Amy and I attended before I went to Ridley!) to become their new minister.  I agonised for a while not wanting to burn my bridges but also wanting to be in the right location and role to serve God.  I have to jump through some Presbyterian study hoops before my ordination is recognised and I'm inducted as a Presbyterian minister.  These last couple of years have worn me out and so I'm feeling a little flat and nervous about it all but I'm in God's hands and what place could be better than that!

A new stage in already unusual journey.