Friday, December 23, 2011

Israel 2011 - Part Two

We were a thoroughly Protestant tour group and found most of the churches at most of the sites baffling and neither were we absolutely keen to find the very exact spot for various Biblical stories. But a member of the tour was putting together a sunday school program and so we enthusiastically participated in the re-enactments she organised. What we were excited by, was the reality of these places, it was exciting to think about how these significant biblical stories would have unfolded in these locations.

David is about kill Goliath (with his shield bearer) in dry stream bed in the Valley of Elah. 

In the hills above the Dead Sea at a Bedouin encampment we reenacted God visiting Abraham. 

Here Abraham is told that he'll have an heir while Sarah laughs off screen.

Since we were only a short drive from where Sodom may have been, we reenacted Abraham pleading for Lot's life.