Sunday, July 22, 2012

Preaching preparation

If I have time this is the check list I use to plan for my preaching:


  1. Familiarity
  2. Basic outline
  3. Cross-refences and Literary clues
  4. Commentators and checking some of the Greek


  • Gospel check
    • Announcement about who or what Jesus is?
    • Which part of Jesus' story?
    • Part of the declaration of personal salvation? 
  • Theology check
    • How does it reflect the wider themes of the book?
    • What topics that come up in this passage?
  • Theological Toolbox (Things I want my congregation to have)
    • (Doctrine as a concept) "The Scope and Character of Scripture" - Athanasius
    • Meta-narrative = the bible tells one big coherent story
    • Basic knowledge of various doctrines (TULIP and five Solas)
  • Philosophy check
    • Situational
      • What's my cultural situation, and how does the text speak to it?
        • SOUL
        • Western Culture
      • What's the text's cultural situation, and how has God spoken into it?
    • Normative
      • Is there something to learn, understand or integrate into my worldview?
        • Impossible application check
    • Existential
      • What does this passage tell me to do across the kitchen sink?
        • Possible application check
      • Are my emotional reactions valid? 
  • Preaching proposition
    • I want my congregation to ... because of ...


  • Nomenclature
    • Dealing with tangents "But don't get me wrong .."
    • Multiple connected secondary applications "not only ... but ..."
    • Putting each main idea or sub-point into a sentence
  • Assembly
    • Trajectory
      • Where am I going with this and have I shown how I'm getting there?
    • Lowry's loop
      • What's the opposition?
      • Were does it turn?
    • Do my illustrations, quotes and cross references help or hinder this?
    • Do I begin strongly?
    • Do I conclude dramatically?
  • Delivery
    • Practice
    • Control gestures

Comments, advice, questions or plans of your own? (I'd be particularly interested in nomenclature suggestions, one's you've heard or your own that you don't mind sharing!)