Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rosaria Butterfield on sexuality

"So why do we assume that sexual sin has sexual or effectual origins? That is because we have too narrow a focus about sexuality's purview. Sexuality isn't about what we do in bed. Sexuality encompasses a whole range of needs, demands and desires. Sexuality is more a symptom of our life's condition than a case, more a consequence than an origin."

"Being a lesbian was a case of mistaken identity. This became an intriguing and important paradigm for me. And even though I'm no longer a lesbian, I'm still a sinner. I'm redeemed, but still fallen. And sin is sin. I believe that the Lord is more grieved by the sins of my current life than by my past life as a lesbian. How did the Lord heal me? The way that he always heals: the words of God got to be bigger inside me than I. My natural inclination was to resist, so like a reflex, I did this. God's people surrounded me. Not to manipulate. Not to badger. But to love and to listen and to watch and to pray. And eventually instead of resisting, I surrended."

(The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield)