Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'Shack time'

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

I reviewed The Shack before one of the talks at T.C.C. The Rev. Jones was worried I'd either recommend it or condemn it and offend the various people who were reading it. I think others in the evangelical blogesphere have given fair and insightful reviews of it so I'll only briefly outline my thoughts for the sake of the public record. I think there are "good, bad and ugly" elements about the book. The message of healing and the accessibility of God are good themes that come across strongly from The Shack. I found Young's theology of evil and freedom bad as well as his low view of church and Scripture. I think Young's theology of the Trinity is ugly; God the Father did not die along with God the Son on the cross! To further complicate matters Young didn't seem to accurately balance the unity and distinctiveness of the Trinity. The Trinity is an important theological topic and it's strange that Young didn't go out of his way to get it right.

Some good Reviews: