Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hebrew Vocab

I've broken my self-imposed-Hebrew-intensive-blogging-exile for a good reason. Despite being mildly dyslexic (Paid up member of the D.N.A., National Dyslexia Association.) I'm finding Hebrew grammar more straightforward then Greek Grammar however I am struggling alot with memorising the vocab. I need help remember the following vocab, if you can think of a weird association that combines the meaning and the pronunciation, I'd be very grateful.

For example I'm remembering:

קָטֹוֹן "small, unimportant," pronounced: karton - remembered as: a small unimportant milk carton

I need help with these ones:

ָלָכַד "capture, seize, take, " laacad -?
לֶחֶם "bread," lechem -?
כָחַב "write," kaatav -?
ּגָדווֹֹל "great," gaadool -?
שׁיָשָר "straight," yaashaar -?

( It's hard to display a Hebrew font that looks OK on blogger without changing to a keyboard layout I'm not familiar with. If you can't see any Hebrew at all try downloading one of these free fonts.)