Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning Hebrew @ Ridley

... is harder then I thought! So there will be a 20 day break while I labour through the intensive. In the meantime here are ten worthwhile online activities you could do.
  1. For current affairs and theological news check Craig's blog
  2. For insights into Christian ministry read Mikey's blog
  3. You could then read interesting movie reviews at Pryderi's blog
  4. Be on the cutting edge of modern Australian culture with Angus' blog
  5. If your feeling esoteric and would like to read a good poem try my Dad's blog
  6. My cousin in America who directs films also has a blog
  7. This lady blogs about "Stuff Christian Culture Likes"
  8. If your feeling motivated you could update Ridley's wikipedia page
  9. Maybe having an online argument either in Melbourne or in Sydney takes your fancy
  10. Or you could find out what's happening in the Holy Land.
Normal blogging will resume on the 23rd of February 2009. (Stay tuned.)