Monday, March 16, 2009

The future is audio

In 1439 Guttenburg is credited with inventing the movable-type printing press. The Reformation less then a hundred years later relied heavily on this new technology to spread ideas, aid in the translation of the Bible and transmit information reliably across large distances.

I think it's significant the way in which Christians are using technology today. For example Driscoll is downloaded a million times a year. Christian television doesn't make much of an impression here in Australia but Christian television and radio is a vital link in the wider missionary effort around the world. For example the Far East Broadcasting Company, an Australian based Christian radio broadcaster can transmit Christian programming across large swaths of South East Asia. Interestingly I've noticed Piper has been posting sermons in Spanish, which in southwestern United States will expand his theological impact greatly. So when I listen to sermons, which have been a big part of my learning these last couple of years, while I'm doing the chores or going for a jog, it's exciting to think I'm part of an important historical development.

I've been listening to sermons from these six locations:

  1. The Proclamation Trust
  2. Crossroads Church
  3. Mars Hill Church
  4. Sydney Anglican Audio
  5. Church by the Bridge
  6. Desiring
[17/3/09 Update: If you like listening to sermons while doing other things, you can't go past this site. (ht mikey)]