Monday, September 14, 2009

Ashley Null @ Ridley

Today, I listened in a special lecture at Ridley College, to an interesting Anglican from Kansas, USA named Ashley Null. He was an affable fellow, but not in the Max Lucado sense! In fact, and my Bishop, John should like this, he described the prayerbook as "a missional document, designed to convert people's hearts." He also said Cranmer intended the theology that sits behind the words and forms of the prayer books, to bring people into an encounter with the Word of God, so the Holy Spirit can convert people. Anglican tradition, correctly understood via its source, Cranmer, is all about the succession of apostolic teaching, not the succession, in a Roman Catholic sense, of apostolic power. At one point he added Cranmer intended the Anglican communion service to reflect a conversion experience; law --> gospel --> confession --> assurance --> response in thanksgiving. He also wanted us as good Anglicans ministers in training to go out and deliver liturgy that reflected the original genuine passion of Cranmer, to deliver liturgy that actually converts people or reminds them of their conversion.