Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waterfalls and spiders

"Jill was last, so she could see the whole thing better than the others. She saw something white moving steadily up the face of the waterfall. That white thing was the Unicorn. You couldn't tell whether he was swimming or climbing, but he moved on, higher and higher."(C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle)

I think the transformation of our bodies will be more dramatic then the transformation of the world. In the new heavens and the new earth (Isaiah 65:17), we'll have real physical bodies (Luke 24:42-43). Although the world on the other side of judgement day will look different (Isaiah 11:6) I think Lewis is on to something and the most remarkable transformation will occur to us (Romans 8:22). There are exciting ramifications, experiencing the world without the danger of mortality. There are also interesting ramifications, most spiders are poisonous and generally some sort of threat, generally psychological. No doubt they too had an original design and purpose that has been corrupted to an extent by our original sin. However in the new heavens and the earth, their poison will have no effect. I wonder if we'll be able to swim up waterfalls then we might be able to watch a spider bite us on the hand then watch our skin close up over the wound harmlessly. (Perhaps this is a better interpretation of Mark 16:18?)