Saturday, July 17, 2010

11 Reasons you shouldn't be a Universalist;

because Universalism ...
  1. Makes the need for salvation superfluous because everyone will be saved eventually
  2. Weakens the urgency of salvation
  3. Changes the nature of sin (If it's the worst thing shouldn't it deserve the worst thing?)
  4. Changes the nature of sin (If it's personal and uniquely human how can God be joined to it?)
  5. By making judgment remedial relativizes evil in the world
  6. By making judgement remedial weakens the idea of atonement
  7. Forgets that 'Eternal Punishment' has been a longstanding doctrine of the church
  8. Requires an earth-like second-chance-style purgatory
  9. Requires a redefinition of other biblical themes (eg anger and selectivity of God)
  10. Is reductionistic about the nature of God, making one attribute (love) the essential nature of God
  11. Is selective, wants to qualify some passages (eg Matt 25:46) but not others (Rom 5:18)