Thursday, August 26, 2010

Equal and Complementary

I'll be attending the Equal and Complementary Conference held on 23 October at Holy Trinity Church, Doncaster.  The role of women in church leadership was a controversial topic at Ridley College but doesn't seem to stir the water as much down here in the Diocese of Tasmania. Getting people into church communities and then seeing them grow in spiritual maturity are the pressing tasks facing Anglicans in Tasmania.  Although I'm not a fan of the Egalitarian position, it's the theologically reasoning used to arrive at that position that aggravates me the most.  I'm seeing this conference as a chance to remind myself of the Complementarian position and catch up with some Ridley contacts. While I might argue on this blog against the arguments used to arrive at the Egalitarian viewpoint I acknowledge that my viewpoint is in the minority in the Diocese of Tasmania.  I thank God that being either position isn't a test of orthodoxy down here as it has become in some circles in Melbourne.