Monday, June 20, 2011

John Bunyan's Ordo Salutis

Over at the Resurgence blog, someone posted a copy of John Bunyan's detailed flow-chart style Ordo Salutis. While a little hard to decipher ( a larger version) and written in an older english style, it's detail is fascinating, relating many of the doctrines of grace personally to the reader.  This reflects Bunyan's wider concern seen in the Pilgrim's Progress to place the believer correctly within his or her spiritual journey.

However, the diagram is a somewhat unwieldy and wordy.  I'm not against written Ordo Salutis, for example this 'Plan of Salvation' forms an introductory chapter to the paperback ESV, but like Bunyan's lacks a way of tying all the doctrines of grace together succinctly and visually.