Saturday, June 25, 2011

Winter's Bone [Spoiler Alert]

While this story of a young woman's defence of her family is tough, set among the rural poor of The Ozarks in southern Missouri, it's not an example of Miserablism! It's a thriller and very gritty in places but it's not gratuitous and the story arc is very satisfying.  The heroine, Ree Dolly, has to find her father so he can appear in court and so they won't loose the house which he put up as bond.  However the dad brews Meth in an illegal lab and is mixed up with the family of the local big man, Thump Milton. So it's difficult for Ree to untangle the story and confront the crime family. A striking moment occurs when Ree's uncle saves her and "stands for her" to take vicariously whatever consequences the Milton clan might dish out.  I like the way this movie weaves story with daily life.  Having a daughter also made me think about the dynamics of the father-daughter relationship, Ree's resilience and the formation of her character in such a gloomy context.