Sunday, July 10, 2011

A useful set of goals for ministry

Being a minister is difficult because it's a vocation that deals with qualities that difficult to measure such as relationships and spirituality.  So it can be fairly discouraging without a direction and difficult to set goals but I like this checklist I found on the interwebs:
  • Pastoral ministry requires far more courage than I ever dreamed.  
  • Expositional preaching is a far more effective medium than I ever imagined.
  • The temptation to quit the church or quit pastoral ministry all together is rather frequent, but perseverance is worth it.  
  • Neglecting important ministries is terribly easy but also deadly in the long-term.  
  • If there is a strong love-bond between the pastor and his flock – the congregation believes that I love them and I believe that they love me – that will cover a multitude of sins.