Sunday, September 4, 2011

Schooling: elite, religious, secular or home?

Schools (or homes for that matter) like all institutions are ideological places.  For example my friend Jono, himself a school teacher says most good teachers are "influencers", they want to shape minds, direct learning. Children are also ideological sponges and one of the responsibilities of parenting is to ensure your children is educated and has adequate life skills.   How do balance the two, if we want our children to adopt our ideology (in the case of Amy and me, we want Evangeline to grow in faith and godliness) and get an education within our means, what path is best? I was prompted to think more recently about this by a book review from Tim Challies, which affirmed sending Christian kids to a public school.  Schools also come in different flavours and can also depend on who the teachers, principal, chaplain and surrounding community are.What do my readers think either by comment or anonymously in this survey below?