Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Epistle to the Romans

At SOUL church we'll be doing a massive series in 2012 working our way through the book of Romans. (Broken up by Easter and a mini-series between chapters 8 and 9 on Ecclesiastes.) It's ambitious and I'm worried about keeping the momentum up. So I thought breaking it down into five sub-series', each with their own focus would help sustain our interest:
  • 1 The Gospel
  • 1-5 The Bad news and then the Good news
  • 6-8 Living as a Christian
  • 9-11 God's big plan
  • 12-16 Living with One-Another


This is a slightly more detailed breakup of Romans into themes and sections with proof-texts showing roughly why I think it should be broken down into those sections.

Romans Layout