Friday, January 18, 2013

A new ministry role

I finished at Soul Church late last year under strange circumstances. Then last week I started work at the University Fellowship of Christians (the local AFES franchise). I'm the events overseer, which means mainly co-ordinating various events and training students. The Presbyterian Church of Tasmania would like me to continue some special Presbyterian cross-over subjects and have kindly contributed a little towards my financial support. Church-wise we'll probably settle at Mount Stuart, St Johns or Crossroads. People's reactions to these moves have been positive although I'm aware that I need to settle down for several years. Personally I've had to give up cherished idols and recognise the beauty of God's bigger picture. AFES work is very intensive but I'm part of a good team and am excited by the  projects I'm doing.
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Thank-you kind readers. [Photo taken by Chris Haines at Anvers chocolate factory on the way back from Tasmanian Christian Convention.]