Thursday, June 13, 2013

Speaking well about sexuality: a few opening thoughts

As part of the AFES Staff Conference we've been looking at some of the issues facing student ministry in Australia. Paddy Benn from Evangelical Union at the Sydney University presented the following outline. We've got good news about sexuality so it's important to make a positive theological case.

Speaking well of sexuality: this must include both a statement of the way things were, are and ought to be. 

  1. Sexuality identity is a sign of where people in relation to God
  2. Sexual activity is private but has public implications
  3. Sexual identity is a part of our human identity but not the completeness of our human identity
  • The call to be a disciple of someone else, Jesus 
  • God demonstrates an other-person centeredness
  • Putting aside one's self for the service of others
  • Sometimes we act on our corrupted desires
  • Romans 6 resisting the temptation of our own desires
  • Go after the things that are holding up implausibility structure
  • Going after them while keeping the implausibility structure in mind. 
  • Eg "God is irrelevant when it comes to sexuality" / "God is not loving"
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  • Personal experience as a powerful testimony 
Marriage and Singleness
  • Married people can learn something about the new creation from single people
  • Single people can learn something about the new creation from married people