Wednesday, January 22, 2014

41 years since Roe vs Wade

Culturally, Australia follows America - although there are some interesting exceptions. Roe vs Wade was a sad but probably inevitable moment in Western cultural history. This little video (produced by the Texas Alliance for Life) marks the 40 years since that case. The effect is quite powerful, equal parts sad and hopeful.

I like the liberal (small l) emphasis on lifting up the down trodden, Kevin Rudd alluded to this sentiment in his concession speech last year, something along the lines of "Labor stands for a go for the little guy." I like that sentiment reminds me of Jesus' parable where the crippled, poor, blind and lame are invited in, when the rich and powerful turn down their invitations to the banquet. Layers of human incompetence and hypocrisy aside, why isn't there more of an outcry about the emancipation of the unborn from the threat of death? Every single issue can't get our full attention, so surely abortion is near the top of triage list?