Sunday, March 2, 2014

Baptism of Jesus Sunday

It's interesting that significant moments of Redemptive history are either explicitly Trinitarian, have Trinitarian allusions or raise Trinitarian questions. "Let us create man in our image"says God, Abraham's meal with the three divine strangers, Jesus' conception and baptism, Jesus cry of dereliction, Pentecost, the Great Commission and the false Trinity at end of History.

We should have a 'Baptism of Jesus Sunday'. I love my father and enjoy being a father but I'd gladly trade any mention of Father's Day for a special mention of the Baptism of Jesus, one sunday a year. A good description of the Trinity is who God is and how he saves and we see this when Jesus is being baptised, we listen in on the Father talking to Son and the Holy Spirit uniting them both in an act of baptism by a prophet (John) which signals the end of one covenant and the inauguration of another. 

[Finding a picture of Jesus' baptism which isn't grandiloquent is very difficult! Fresco by Andrei Rublev]